The mission of Twotixx is to revolutionise live event security, eliminate touts and scams, and become the global standard for fair secondary ticket sales and live event ticket management.

Kelvin Rolf

CEO, Twotixx


Utilise the Twotixx REST API and offer your customers the latest in event ticketing technology.

Remain in control

Sell smart tickets without any disruption to your transaction and buying process.


Access customisable integrations to access the unique needs of your platform and customers.

Reduction in costs

Twotixx software is free to use, allowing you to focus on your core business.

One platform. Entire journey support.

Consumer mobile app

Using the Twotixx app, customers can manage digital tickets and view event information without having to deal with paper, printing, or worry about scams.

Venue app

Twotixx entry manager is one of the fastest and most feature rich ticket scanning solutions available. One-click scanning of entire bookings, multiple entries, and real-time verification of attendees.

Secondary marketplace

The ethical secondary marketplace provides a secure environment for secondary ticket sales and purchases between verified profiles, where resale can be capped at face value.

The UK secondary ticketing market is estimated to make £1bn each year. That’s profit that comes directly from the pockets of fans and effects artists and the entire industry

Fanfair Alliance

Attendee verification & personalised ticketing

We provide an integrated digital ID solution to enhance the security of events and consumers. Attendee data is available in real time, allowing events to know precisely who is coming and in attendance.

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Explore the benefits of NFT tickets & blockchain

With Twotixx, the use of blockchain is optional, not every event is appropriate and we acknowledge that. However, we offer you the tools to explore NFT Tickets and their wide range of benefits.

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Enhance event experience with digital collectibles.

Whether you're hosting a conference, a music or sports event, or even a community meet-up, Twotixx allows you to recognise your attendees with digital mementos like proof-of-attendance artwork, video, or digital certificates.

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Transforming engagement with exclusive airdrops

Twotixx creates the opportunity to leverage the emerging technology of Web3 to offer experiences pre-and post event.

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